School of Health Sciences at Narita

Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences

Movie: Dept. of Speech-Hearing Sciences at Narita

In Japan, there are 25,000 certified speech-language-hearing therapists, and 1,700 are graduates of IUHW. Since there are no other schools for this specialized profession in Chiba area, there is high expectation from the region. Narita Campus provides lectures by faculty members who have lived and practiced abroad with the aim to foster speech-language- hearing therapists who are capable of contributing to the regional and global society.

Admission Opening


Wide range of opportunities after graduation

Hospitals/clinics, Public offices such as welfare centers and rehabilitation centers, Nursing homes/elderly welfare facilities, Special support education schools/facilities for the disabled, Research scientists in the field of speech and language science/communication disorders.

Obtainable licenses/qualifications

・By fulfilling requirements for graduation, you will also be qualified to take the national SPEECH AND HEARING THERAPIST licensure exam.