School of Health Sciences at Narita

Department of Radiological Sciences

Department of Physical Therapy

Due to the rapid development of medical diagnostics, therapeutic equipment and medical information technology, highly qualified radiological technologists are more in demand. Our department is fully equipped with the latest medical equipment such as X-ray, Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging,Ultrasound Imaging, Gamma Cameras, Linear Accelerators and more. The courses include lectures, lab experiments, and clinical training conducted by experienced staff, and students have clinical training practice in four of our affiliated hospitals.
From the basics to highly advanced skills, students will be trained to become professionals with expertise in the “medical team.”

Department of Physical Therapy

Admission Opening


Wide range of opportunities after graduation

Hospitals/clinics, Public offices such as health centers, Rehabilitation centers, Nursing homes/elderly welfare facilities.

Obtainable licenses/qualifications

By fulfilling requirements for graduation, you will also be qualified to take the national Radiological technologist licensure exam.