School of Health Sciences at Narita

Department of Occupational Therapy

Department of Nursing

Approximately 2,300 occupational therapists have graduated from IUHW, and this number marks IUHW as the top in all occupational therapist training schools in Japan. The objective of Narita Campus is to foster adaptability to different cultures, strengthen communication ability necessary in both international and domestic settings, and equip students with expertise necessary for both international activities and services in local Japanese communities.

Department of Nursing

Admission Opening


Wide range of opportunities after graduation

Hospitals/clinics, Public offices such as health centers, Rehabilitation centers, Nursing homes/elderly welfare facilities, Nurseries/children’s facilities, Special schools for children with disabilities, etc.

Obtainable licenses/qualifications

By fulfilling requirements for graduation, you will also be qualified to take the national OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST licensure exam.