School of Nursing at Narita

Department of Nursing

Department of Nursing

The objective at Narita Campus is to educate and train nurses with a global perspective who can play active roles wherever they are. Narita Campus also aims to foster nurses who are capable of responding to unexpected health problems in the future, such as those related to natural disasters and infectious diseases. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of programs which students can acquire the skills and knowledge to create new social values, including a special curriculum students can receive training not only at hospitals and other institutions in the community, but also at institutions in other countries.

Department of Nursing

Admission Opening


Work settings

Hospitals/clinics, Visiting nurse stations, Nursing homes/Elderly care facilities, Public offices such as health centers, institutions overseas, airport (quarantine), private companies, startup of health-care business, etc.

Obtainable licenses/qualifications

・By fulfilling requirements for graduation, you will also be qualified to take the national NURSE licensure exam.

・By fulfilling requirements for graduation plus gaining credits for appointed subjects, you will be qualified to take the national PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE licensure exam (screening test: 20 persons)

・By fulfilling requirements for graduation and have applied, you can be qualified as SHIP HEALTH SUPERVISOR.

・If you are a qualified PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE and have also applied, you can be a qualified HEALTH SUPERVISOR.

・If you are a qualified PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE and have gained credits for appointed subjects plus have applied, you can receive a license for SCHOOL NURSE (Type 2)