School of Health Sciences at Narita

Department of Medical Technology and Sciences

Movie: Seminar for Dept. of Medical Technology

Medical technologists play major roles in the decision-making of the treatment method for patients, conducting various examinations such as electrocardiograms, brain waves, and blood tests. Students can study up-to-date testing technology, skills in using advanced medical equipment as well as basic education on medical science. The curriculum at Narita focuses on students who wish to become medical technologists and contribute to the international society.

Admission Opening


Wide range of opportunities after graduation

Hospitals/clinics, Public offices such as health centers, Private inspection institutes, Pharmaceutical companies/ medical equipment manufactures/ related companies, Scientific investigation section of police, etc.

Obtainable licenses/qualifications

・By fulfilling requirements for graduation, you will also be qualified to take the national MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIST licensure exam.