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Off-Campus Facilities

International Student Dormitory “Narita International House"
Tamatsukuri 3-8-3, Narita City, Chiba Prefecture

Roughly 20 minutes by bicycle from Narita Campus
Roughly 15 minutes on foot from Narita Yukawa Station on the Narita Sky Access Line

All of the rooms in this 5-story dormitory are private living spaces. Although international students are given priority, Japanese students are also able to stay in the dormitory. Breakfast and dinner are provided in the dormitory cafeteria. The dormitory features high security entrances and full-time caretakers are stationed 24 hours a day.

国際学生寮 「成田インターナショナルハウス」

Amenities: 216 room with beds, study desks, closets, and air conditioners.
Shared facilities: Cafeteria, self-study room, common room, two traditional Japanese-style rooms, Wi-Fi, parking spaces for car and bicycles, etc.
Shared facilities on each floor: Showers rooms, laundry rooms (with washing machines and dryers), kitchenettes (with IH cooktops facilitating the preparation of simple meals), wash basins, toilets, etc.

Accommodation facilities are also provided on the IUHW Hospital grounds (Nasushiobara City, Tochigi Prefecture) for use by students when receiving clinical training.


◆Floors are separated by gender, and a security door is installed at the 1st floor entrance.

Private rooms

◆The room is furnished with a bed, desk, chair, closet with mirror and air conditioner. You can borrow the vacuum cleaner.


◆Breakfasts and dinners are provided. There is a vending machine at the entrance. It offers study spaces for students.

Recreation room

◆There are two table-tennis tables, two exercise bikes and one bench-press. ◆It is utilized as an event or a party.


◆It offers spaces for spending times and having conversations between students, and also has TV and sofa.

Shower rooms

◆They are available 24 hours.

Wash room and laundry

◆Washing machines and dryers are equipped and they are available until 24pm.


◆Each floor has a kitchenette equipped with IH cooking heater (induction cooker), a shared refrigerator and microwave oven, facilitating the preparation of simple meals.

Exercise and Sports Facilities

International Student Dormitory “Narita International House"

The School of Nursing at Narita/School of Health Sciences campus features a gymnasium and an outdoor multipurpose grassed area where students can exercise and play soccer and other sports. The construction of two further outdoor sportsgrounds is scheduled.

The first of these, a 5,659m2 sportsground, will be located roughly 2km (about ten minutes by bicycle) from the Narita Campus, and will feature three tennis courts and a running course. The second will be located roughly 15 minutes by car from the Narita Campus on a roughly 1km2 plot of land leased free of charge by Narita City. It will feature a 200m track, a soccer field, and a futsal court.

Nasu Seminar House Kanezawa 2067-1, Nasushiobara City, Tochigi City

Roughly 30 minutes by bus from Nishi-Nasuno Station on the JR Tohoku Main Line then roughly five minutes on foot from the “Nozawa" bus stop.
Yufuin Seminar House / Amity

Located in tranquil forestland area near Nikko National Park, Nasu Seminar House is a training and recreation facility for students, teaching staff, and alumni. The various buildings on the roughly 88,000m2 site are used for training and exercises, workshops, extra-curricular activities, and national examination preparation camps.

Amenities: Guest rooms (with a capacity of 138), conference rooms, study rooms, meeting rooms, gymnasium, sportsground, cafeteria, bathing rooms, etc.

Yufuin Seminar House/Amity Yufu Kogen
Kawakita 896-57/55, Yufuin-cho, Yufu City, Oita Prefecture on the grounds of Tokyu Yufu Kogen,

Roughly 15 minutes by taxi from Yufuin Station on the JR Kyudai Main Line.
Roughly 10 minutes by car from the Yufuin Interchange on the Oita Expressway
Nasu Seminar House

Yufuin Seminar House and Amity Yufu Kogen are sited on roughly 12,300m2 grounds at 700 meters above sea level on the Yufu Kogen plateau.

Yufuin Seminar House is used for student and teacher training and study activities.

Amenities: Guest rooms (all private rooms, capacity of 63), small, medium, and large training rooms, common room, cafeteria, bathing room (hot spring water), etc.

Amity Yufu Kogen is a recreation facility for students and teachers.

Amenities: Guest rooms (capacity 52), training rooms, common room, cafeteria, large bathing rooms (hot spring water), tennis courts, etc.