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An extensive range of clinical training facilities
Our affiliated hospitals and main clinical medicine research centers

The International University of Health and Welfare has five affiliated hospitals and boasts a large number of clinical medicine research centers. The university's educational and medical sites coordinate closely to underpin students' clinical training activities.

Five affiliated hospitals

IUHW Mita Hospital

IUHW Mita Hospital

Minato City, Tokyo

In addition to accreditation from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as a designated cancer hospital and designated secondary emergency medical facility, in 2015 the hospital acquired internationally-recognized JCI medical service accreditation in recognition of the high level of safety and quality of the medical treatment it provides. In 2017 the hospital was also selected to be one of Japan's 28 “Japan International Hospitals" able to accept patients from overseas.

The IUHW Mita Hospital website

IUHW Hospital

IUHW Hospital

Nasushiobara City, Tochigi Prefecture

One of Tochigi Prefecture's “Core Cancer Treatment Hospital", IUHW Hospital works to underpin medical care in the northern part of the prefecture. The hospital provides long-hoped-for surgery services such as heart surgery and minimally invasive surgery using the cutting-edge “da Vinci" robotic surgical system. It is also the only medical facility in the northern part of Tochigi Prefecture providing PET-CT scan services.

The IUHW Hospital website

IUHW Shioya Hospital

IUHW Shioya Hospital

Yaita City, Tochigi Prefecture

The hospital has established the IUHW Rehabilitation Center and the Shioya General Home Care Center to provide seamless healthcare services covering everything from treatment of disorders to rehabilitation and home support for elderly people. IUHW Shioya Hospital provides assistance to local patients as the region's core hospital.

The IUHW Shioya Hospital website

IUHW Atami Hospital

IUHW Atami Hospital

Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture

A regional cancer treatment hospital. IUHW Atami Hospital provides emergency medical care and transplant surgery for eastern Shizuoka Prefecture and western Kanagawa Prefecture. The hospital has further enhanced its rehabilitation services with the establishment of a dedicated Rehabilitation Center. The hospital also provides emergency medical care for children 24 hours a day, 365 days year.

The IUHW Atami Hospital website

IUHW Ichikawa Hospital

IUHW Ichikawa Hospital

Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture

Provides highly specialized medical care for cancer and other diseases, with a focus on respiratory systems, digestive systems, and orthopedics. Equipped with a Preventive Medicine Center, Recovery Rehabilitation Ward, and visiting care facilities, it contributes to community-based medicine through the prevention of diseases, and from the acute phase to the recovery and home care phases.

Website of IUHW Ichikawa Hospital

Masaru Miyazaki

Masaru Miyazaki
Vice-president of IUHW
Director of IUHW Mita Hospital


Received a PhD in medicine from Chiba University's School of Medicine. Studied surgery at the University of Toronto. Served as professor of Organ Regulation Surgery at Chiba University's Graduate School of Medicine, and as the director and vice-director of Chiba University Hospital. Former director of the Japanese Society of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery. Served as chair of the 112th Annual Congress of the Japan Surgical Society, and chair of the 49th annual meeting of Japan Biliary Association.

The International University of Health and Welfare has four affiliated hospitals: IUHW Hospital, IUHW Mita Hospital, IUHW Shioya Hospital, and IUHW Atami Hospital. We also have a large number of other affiliated medical facilities including clinical medicine research centers such as Kaken Hospital and Sanno Hospital as well as home care centers, facilities for children and adults with serious mental and physical disabilities, and so on. Medical welfare facilities affiliated with the university include a geriatric nursing facility with 200 beds, making it possible to provide broad-ranging clinical training that is compatible with the needs of community-based integrated care systems. A hospital affiliated with the School of Medicine called IUHW Narita Hospital is scheduled to open in 2020. The university will be working to deepen coordination with these facilities to further strengthen their functions as clinical training facilities for School of Medicine.

One of the university's clinical training hospitals, IUHW Mita Hospital, received accreditation in December 2015 from Joint Commission International (JCI), a globally recognized medical institution accreditation organization. In January 2017 the hospital also received “Japan International Hospital" accreditation from Medical Excellence Japan (MEJ) in recognition of the high quality and safety standards of the medical treatment it provides as an international hospital. The high-caliber medical staff in each department work hard every day to provide team-based medical care with high levels of safety while also collaborating with the university to provide students with clinical training.

The university is also working to reinforce its community medical coordination with a range of different medical institutions in Chiba Prefecture including the School of Medicine of Chiba University (where I previously served) as part of efforts to continue to provide high quality medical education and clinical training to our School of Medicine students.

As part of our responsibilities as a hospital, IUHW Mita Hospital works to foster professionals who are equipped with the qualities appropriate for those seeking to become doctors. These qualities include not only advanced medical knowledge and skills but the compassionate attitude expected of medical professionals in their dealings with ailing patients. The IUHW group brims with a sense of mission about sending our students out into society and we have created cheerful and enthusiastic learning environments in which students can study in a proactive manner. We are looking forward to working with all those aiming to become ardent and devoted doctors to help them achieve their goals.

A new world-class affiliated hospital is scheduled to open in Narita City in 2020!
IUHW Narita Hospital

IUHW Narita Hospital
  • We aim to create a hospital that provides to domestic and international patients high-quality cutting-edge medical care with world-class levels of safety, featuring the latest medical devices, outstanding staff, and a rich array of amenities.
  • Narita is home to not only Japan's largest international airports, used by more than 30 million international air passengers each year, but also has highly developed railway and expressway networks. IUHW Narita Hospital is being constructed near the airport, enabling it to take in a wide range of patients from throughout Japan and around the world.
  • An International Remote Image-Based Diagnosis Center, International Infectious Disease Research Center, and International Medical Device Research Center will be established to act as bases for collaboration with overseas universities and medical institutions to help meet international medical care needs and deploy Japan's outstanding medical technologies overseas.
  • The hospital will aim to provide services suitable for people from a variety of different cultural backgrounds with staff conversant in 10 different languages, the provision of cuisine from a number of different countries including food that complies with religious dietary restrictions such as halal food, and the provision of religion-related facilities.
  • International University of Health and Welfare成田病院
    Entrance hall (rendering)
  • With an eye to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, the hospital will coordinate with existing affiliated hospitals and related facilities to provide medical care and service of a quality befitting the international city of Narita.
  • A bus service is scheduled to operate between the Narita Campus and IUHW Narita Hospital to shuttle people back and forth.

● Scheduled location: The Hatekeda area of Narita City, Chiba Prefecture

● Number of hospital beds: 642
● Total floor area: Approx. 91,000m2 (8-story main hospital building and 4-story medical examination building)

The IUHW Narita Hospital website

Main clinical medicine research centers

Sanno Hospital/Sanno Birth Center

Sanno Hospital/Sanno Birth Center

Minato Ward, Tokyo

Sanno Hospital has long been associated with childbirth. In 2015 the hospital opened a new building containing the Sanno Birth Center and a neonatal intensive care unit. The hospital provides comprehensive childbirth-related medical care such as male and female infertility treatment, as well as endoscopic surgery and cutting-edge robot-assisted surgery.